About Us

Institute of Research & Training 

Established to ensure quality training through research and help the local workforce to skilled. We support the youth power to asses themselves and decide what skill he/she actually need to achieve their goal. That makes us different than other regular. More importantly, the biggest advantage of IRT is availing the opportunity of fostering cooperation in building skilled manpower for the local and international market through its four different schoolings. Schooling for students is dedicated to understand students requirement assessing their running academy qualification. Here our research works. we advise and help them to draw their career picture. Schooling of professionals focusing the upskill and enhancement programs for professional so that they can upgrade themselves with the professional trends and brush them up with new innovation and technology. Schooling for entrepreneurs, yes we the pioneer to introduce such training concept in Bangladesh. The courses designed by understating the local entrepreneurs and their challenges to run business. Research required to supply the service as per demand. Here we go for the special needs of people with special demand. Schooling for different demand. We are providing our services with confidence and style.


Our research-based training methodology is our competitive advantage. So our mission is to contribute the transformation of digital Bangladesh by providing the industry demand training and skill the workforce. That matter for the economic development of the country. 


The center was established with the vision to skill and improve the workforce of the country and address the unemployment issues of the country.


We believe that the rich learning experiences our programs offer can effect powerful and positive transformation in individuals, in their communities, and in their institutions

Training Methods

IRT's training methods include lectures, small group assignments, case studies, site visits, internships or professional placements, group discussions, workshops, writing assignments, and participant research and presentations.  Throughout many stateside programs.


Promote research and development of methods and techniques to offer the best training. Organizes workshops, seminars and training courses.
Training Period
Normally the training period is up to 3 months to 6 months. Moreover, we have some short courses for corporates and professionals . also planning to introduce 12-month courses to skilled local youths and professionals. Besides we have courses based on learning capacity of the trainee, it may vary.

Training Aspects

The syllabus that is followed is very much industry-oriented in terms of its wide applications. This definitely helps reduce unemployment as well as groom persons in various categories of development activities. The demand for skilled workers in the global market is rising. These training centers can comply with the required proficiency of skilled workers anywhere and of high standards.

Why IRT?

We introduce the courses through research and our training methodology makes us different than others. The Institute for Research and Training (IRT) is specialized in designing and implementing tailor-made courses, training and internship programs, and exchanges for leaders, government officials, educators, students, business people, community leaders, and many others. Our faculty and staff members are our most critical resource, ensuring that our programs are expertly promoted, organized, and implemented, and enhancing participants' program experience through direct support during stateside and overseas programs. 

We help you to grow so that we can grow together.